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Shikha S Hemdev

Shikha S Hemdev

Fashion Designer

Label Shikha S Hemdev formerly known as Shikha P Agicha was launched in early 2012. The label was launched soon after she completed her formal training from the
London School of Fashion.

Her design sensibilities revolve around making sure that every garment she creates is of highest quality & finish. Her designs showcase luxury & style in a comfortable &
edgy way. The ethos of her label lies in combining luxury with comfort for people all over the globe.


Client Diaries

"Shikha S Hemdev's designs consist of unique patterns and characteristics which define my look and have a modern touch"

— Bhavna Ria Malhotra

"I can count on Shikha to make me an outfit that is sure to be chic, trendy and make heads turn! A young vivacious designer who creates the most stunning design's that are sure to bring out the best in you"

— Ahana Lalwani

"Shikha hemdev, She's not only a fab designer but one of the sweetest, humble girl I know. The best part is that she herself doesn't know that she is so good at her work. I admire this quality of her the most. Love you Shikha. God bless you baby."

— Vinti Malhotra

"Shikha's designs are unique, fun and funky! Shikha always thinks out of the box for her clients and makes them look stunning. Shikha understands her our comfort level and reaches out to us with full satisfaction! Shikha is warm, genuine and professional to deal with. Shikha all in all is a fantastic designer and wonderful human being"

— Ranee Vaswani

"I have immense belief in the power of emerging creative fashion talent. Shikha's passion for each one of her pieces is inspirational. And wearing her designs which are so trendy and comfortable is an absolute pleasure. Wishing Shikha S Hemdev all the best!"

— Deepshika Dhiraj Deshmukh

"I have known Shikha for a long time now, over the years she has carved a niche for herself. She blends fashion and art seamlessly. Her understanding of the fabric is amazing. Dear Shikha, I applaud and appreciate your fashion and wish you good luck."

— Ritu Wadhwa Makhija

"I own the entire Shikha Hemdev collection, that's how much I love her. Amazing clothes and an amazing girl too. Wishing her lots of success and good luck. May you continue to rock."

— Varsha Dandona

"Shikha's designs are one of the most amazing designs. Whenever I plan to pick up one I land up buying 3-4 of them. All her clothes are very wearable and can be worn at any event where you want to look your best. The best part about Shikha's designs are they are very chic very wearable. And very very pocket-friendly, value for money. She makes very good clothes for mid-size women like me which is very rare with most designers."

— Shruti Tejwani



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